Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's this all about?

Lately I find myself wondering about a lot of things.
- What is the role of leadership in today's economy and workplace? What is leadership?
- Why is there so much noise that causes what should be "obvious" so confusing and painful?
- Why are so many people struggling to be "happy"?

The reality is that it doesn't matter. The opportunity and the challenge is always in the hands of the individual. Nothing happens without the sand that gets trapped in the oyster; the irritant that produces a pearl. One voice has caused extraordinary results through history. If you see stagnation and opportunity, do something about it. All the greatest ideas trapped between your two ears, never made a difference for anyone, much less you.

This blog will address and discuss these types of questions and many more. I see a lot happening around me and feel that those of us who are in a position to make a difference need to cause the "tip" towards greatness. My ex-boss used to say "you deserve what you tolerate." How true... how true indeed. Sadly, she was so right that I decided to leave the company I worked for at the time... not because of her (she is still the best I have come across in 14 years of corporate experience). The company lacked courage, questionable vision, and the culture within the walls were cancerous at best. I am sure that I will post about these experiences... as they were formative in many ways. So I did something about it... I moved on after 10 years of being part of a family.

Where to start...

How about the name of the Blog? I looked up Alchemy on "Alchemy was known as the spagyric art after Greek words meaning to separate and to join together." I'm good with that.

So I read further: "The best-known goals of the alchemists were the transmutation of common metals into gold or silver; the creation of a "panacea," or the elixir of life, a remedy that supposedly would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely; and the discovery of a universal solvent". Now we're talking.

What will we do here? Separate and define Business, Leadership and Technology and then join them together in a new and unexpected way. We will transmutate (love that word) these common ideas into an elixir of corporate life. Remedy and cure all diseases and prolong corporate brand, corporate culture and talent growth indefinitely.

Let me be clear: no magic, no witchcraft or elicit drugs. Just common sense, removal of confusion and the articulation of clarity. We will approach this with integrity and intellectual honesty. The creation of a movement is only as good as those that are touched, moved and inspired. If no one's moved, there's no movement. Your comments and experience will be the pillar to achieving the goal.

What I stand for:
- I stand for making a difference every day of my life
- I stand for innovation in all areas of life
- I stand for integrity in action
- I stand for the possibility of greatness expressed and lived

I expect to be called on the mat if I don't live to these ideals... why not, my wife does every day :)

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